Business Mentoring

The mentoring scheme delivers valuable insights into how businesses can work towards growth.


In the first stage of the deK Growth Programme, a business is offered a business diagnostic meeting with NWES, designed to evaluate their needs, introduce all business support options available to them, and develop a bespoke pathway through the programme.


At the end of this meeting, the business is offered a range of business workshops and a meeting with a Business Mentor if they demonstrate the potential for high growth.


A business wishing to engage the support of a mentor is required to develop a brief which will inform the mentor of their business status and current activities and of the areas of the business the client wishes to develop.


The mentor’s role is to work with the business to critique their business strategy and bring new prospective and insights into their ideas.


The support offered is staged and is based on the potential for growth the business presents to the mentor. In the first one-hour meeting with the business, it is the mentor’s role to establish the potential for growth and also the need for support.


The business mentors will liaise with the deK Business Growth programme coordinator providing feedback from each meeting in the form of a meeting report, which will outline agreed actions by the business and the mentor and their recommendation for future support.


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