Dek Case Study - Griot Communications

Griot Communications was born out of a passion for story and its power to inspire, engage and transform. They help purpose-driven businesses who want to be intentional about their business stories; work with businesses to create connections and build relationships, converting audiences into loyal customers through story-based, values-driven content writing and strategies.

What did you hope to achieve with deklondon?

I had zero business experience when I started Griot Communications and felt completely at sea. I wanted to learn and get support to develop the skills and the confidence I needed to run a business and market to my audiences. I was hoping the business advisors available at the beginning would give me the much-needed guidance on the areas I struggled with, like financial management and business planning.

1) What part of the deklondon programme did you enjoy the most?

Deklondon had a broad range of courses that were practical and designed to help you get going straight away. I got started with those and it was great to meet others in the same boat, or who were further along. I also went to some inspiring networking events with some of the trainers on the programme. But what I really valued most was the one-to-one mentoring sessions that I received. It helped me to be accountable and someone with expertise who would give me clarity on what I needed to focus on in my business. This kind of support is invaluable when you’re just starting out.

2) Would you recommend the deklondon programme to other start-up businesses and SMEs?

Starting and running a business can be a lonely journey and having free opportunities to network and gain clarity and new skills and the potential to access funds is truly a gift. I’d definitely recommend deklondon as a resource to anyone who is at the start of their business journey.

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