Dek Case Study - YourHouseLondon

YourHouseLondon is an international company founded in 2015 and formed by international people with large experience abroad and we exist to provide quality studios and rooms in houses and flatshares across London. We want to give you the best experience of your life in this fantastic city because every house, every service, every guest, every minute is special for us.

YourHouseLondon provides an international environment for students, well located and nice properties for professionals and safety and security for landlords.

What did you hope to achieve with deklondon?

Since I’ve been in touch with Dek London for the first time I’m learning how to understand and organize the expenses of my company. I have reviewed and seen all the tax returns, reports and made a lot of changes. As well, I started to use a Business Control system and it gave me a more accurate idea how to spend less, control better, invest and grow more.

What part of the deklondon programme did you enjoy the most?

Finance training with Philip Ternouth

Would you recommend the deklondon programme to other start-up businesses and SMEs?

Definitely! I’m more than happy to recommend it for friends and people from my network.

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